Namesake explores the relationship between identity and names in the context of Internet culture, through an abstract drawing process. This series involves the continuous tracing of a line over a slideshow of images projected onto the same surface, these are the 48 images of my Internet namesakes retrieved via a Google Image search. With its aspects of time-bound production and endurance Namesake remediates the act of drawing as performance. In an age defined by information these drawings seek to explore the excess, speed and banality of image information available through such services as Google. The autographic or hand-made mark is used as a measure, a means to map, or embody my response to the ordinary image slideshow of my namesakes. These reveal complex images in which identities, images, and process congeal into abstract portraits of the collective Chris Ross. This process was an attempt at achieving flow within a moment of overwhelming visual stimulation and to engage with my sense of place with respect to others and the Internet.