21 Consecutive Random Sentences

These words were copied in their entirety from those generated by accessing a random sentence generator. These sentences appeared in this order, consecutively until a sufficient body of text had accumulated, measured approximately by the size of what could fit on a computer screen without scrolling. (an aesthetic choice)

The plastic rescue strains.

A genuine missile reckons behind the lunchtime.

Each billfold overloads the requisite opposite the graphic fuss.

A determined duck posts a terminator.

The industrial billfold leaks.

A minimalist disgusts the fourteen pride.

The intellect doubles as a dashing atheist.

Above the nominate moan consents the bone intellect.

The lawn frightens an accident.

A starter zooms?

How can a voter purge?

The reform takes a painful rock.

Below a newcomer smells the standardized frog.

A cobbler clocks the opposed contrast.

The alcohol pauses!

How can the won rope work?

How does the intentional cube lump a vanishing rhyme?

Her civil burden breezes throughout a dreary eye.

Our stock holiday pauses.

A cathedral raves after the boredom!

A rapid pit explodes with the general.

This reminds me of Sol LeWitt, Dada, and the readymade. Is this Found Poetry?
Anyone may access this link and use the generator to similar effect. But it would seem mathematically improbable that any other user should ever generate the same or a similar sequence of sentences as these. To what extent can I claim ownership to this random sequence? This operation can be repeated, but never genuinely to the same specific set of results.