Art’s ‘horizon’

Regardless of correctness, I do like those quotes which seek to define the world in one paragraph, and underpin large complex things, through attribution to a simple combination of things. I grabbed the below quote mainly to store on the blog, as it relates to the current exhibition and my current thinking and exploration in art. The first two sentences really grabbed me.

“Burn What You Cannot Steal┬áproposes the readymade as an unsurpassable horizon of the art of our time, but also as a sign functioning within a distinctly Euro-American canon, that system of legitimations under which the supposedly global art world continues to operate. Through a range of radical aesthetic strategies from assemblage to performance to public intervention, it seeks to tease out the problems and possibilities of this contradiction and other tensions embodied within it to question the ownership of time, ideas and things, to ask how and why a given practice enters the orbit of the global art world, and to propose the body and the city as objects ripe for reframing, reinterpretation and reuse.”

From the Artspace (sydney) website: