Next Week at COFAspace

I’ve been shortlisted for this award, along with 10 others, which rewards COFA painting and drawing “excellence”. Expect the show to be a good student show, and for the crowd of attendees to dissipate instantly after the announcement!

Halfway House

The Halfway House volume 3 exhibition, at COFAspace gallery, was a survey of some 30 or so BFA Honours students work. The purpose was to display the progress made at the halfway mark of the Honours program, and to provide a select number of cash bursaries to aid in the realisation of the proposed artwork….

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Jenny Birt Award Show 2010

The Jenny Birt Award 2010 exhibition included paintings, drawings, installation and a video. Participating artists included a range of styles, the common denominator being their status as recent COFA courework painting students. It took place at COFAspace Gallery in April. There were 10 students shortlisted for the show. The show was a good selection of…

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